Fuelling the future with Biodiesel

We are on a mission to provide new sustainable ways to power. At Wakud we convert waste products into high quality fuels which support decarbonisation. Enabling you to power cleaner and greener.

Reduces your carbon footprint

Lower production emissions

Non toxic

Bio degradable

Supports local business

Easy to use

Biodiesel is supporting, trucking, transport, shipping and construction to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.


Transport is one of the leading causes of emissions


Biodiesel can help fleet trucks to lower their emissions


Anything with a diesel engine can run on biodiesel


It’s biodegradable, non-toxic and has a low flash point


Reduces soot and particulate emissions

Join millions in powering clean with Biodiesel

Due to its clean emissions profile, ease of use, benefits to your engine, and its safe profile, Biodiesel is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing alternative fuels in the world. Globally, organisations are making commitments to reach Net Zero by 2050 and Biodiesel provides a cost competitive solution which can help in reaching climate goals.

A circular economy
to fuel progress

A circular economy provides a new way of doing things that improves the way we manage waste, but it’s so much more than that. Locally it also provides economic and environmental benefits, from the creation of jobs, keeping valuable resources in Oman and eliminating pollutants from our waterways and ecosystems (where waste oils may end up).

Living outside the box

Transport accounts for 27% of global emissions

Fuelling the transportation of goods and people is causing catastrophic global warming but we can fight climate change one trip at a time.

The world's first Biodiesel plant powered by solar

Oman has abundant solar resources which we are harnessing to help power our refinery. We are going to need to make use of all the solutions we have to fight climate change. Solar power can to reduce our dependence on non renewable energy sources.