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About us

About Wakud

Wakud is a joint venture between Carbon Management Services LLC, Green Fuels, and Maher Al Habsi to build a biofuel ecosystem in the Middle East starting with Oman. We aim to catalyse the biofuel market with our state-of-the-art plant-based in Muscat, Oman.

Local UCO collection

Local use of fuel

We supply biofuels to different industries including logistics, shipping, and construction helping these sectors dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. Wakud collects local feedstock for conversion into biofuel for local consumption creating a sustainable circular economy.

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Regional recognition

Regional centre of excellence in biofuels

Our Oman biofuel plant is the largest and most technologically advanced biofuel facility in the GCC. We aim to be the centre of excellence for biofuels in the region facilitating circular economies and knowledge transfer.

Our technology

Latest Technology

Our People

Board and Management

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Talal Hasan

Board Member

Talal is an Omani clean-tech entrepreneur and a Board member of Wakud with over a decade of biofuel experience. In 2009, Talal co-founded an environmental consultancy focused on the collection of used cooking oil for conversion to biodiesel. Today, he is the CEO of 44.01, a business focused on decarbonising the world.


James Hygate

Board Member

In 2003, James could see an emerging biofuels industry developing in the US, and founded Green Fuels. Since then, Green Fuels has won numerous awards and in 2013 was granted a Royal Warrant by HRH the Prince of Wales for its ongoing supply of sustainable biofuel to the Royal Family, for which James is the Royal Warrant holder. Today, the company has supplied bio-refineries on every continent (bar Antarctica). In 2015, James won Entrepreneur of the Year at the New Energy & Cleantech Awards in recognition for these achievements.  James was invited to be an Unreasonable Impact fellow in 2017 and returned as an Alumni Mentor in 2018.

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Maher Al Habsi

Managing Director

Maher has over 14 years’ experience in waste management and collections including used cooking oil. Maher also spear-headed an oil recycling project in the Sultanate. His real-life experience in value-adding to waste streams makes him the ideal operator for Wakud and the best person to grow the business in the region.